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Patent Agent, Managing Partner

International Trademark Association (INTA)

All China Patent Attorney Association (ACPAA)
Certificate ID: 3125507071.2

Shanghai Ocean University
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Ms. YANG commenced her practice as a patent engineer in earlier 1998. From 1998 to 2004, she had translated volumes of patent documents including various manufacturing technology for different processes/products/ equipments/systems both in life and industrial uses, as well as various applications based on network technology. In 2002 she was recognized as qualified Chinese patent agent. During the years when she resided in Beijing, she had been worked as a senior patent counsel in Thomson’s IP&L China operation and been promoted as deputy manager of the Beijing team before She finally decided to leave Beijing for her son's schooling. After she returned to Shanghai, she had been first engaged as the general manager for Wei Yuan Patent Agent Co., Ltd., and two years later she established YANG & Associates with her partners. She is specialized in patent management strategy, patent procurement, licensing, infringement analysis, etc. focusing on mechanical engineering, consumer electronics, medical equipments/ instruments, computer science, and communication information technology, etc

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