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Shanghai YANG & Associates is an intellectual property agency authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office and the State Administration of Industry and Commerce to deal with both domestic and international patent and trademark affairs.

Our services include intellectual property management, strategy counseling, procurement, transferring and licensing of the intellectual property rights. We focus mainly on patent filing and prosecution, patent search and pre-filing study, patent translation, patent reexamination and invalidation, infringement analysis and pleading, registration for IC layout, software and copyright registration, trademark registration and dispute, record of IP right at custom etc.

We aims to work with all the heart for local enterprises and individuals, particularly most medium and small sized companies distributed in Shanghai and the surroundings along the YangTze River delta, the most active and thriving industrial and commercial zone in the East China. Also, we meet clients from all over the world, keep them well advised about intellectual property protection information in China, and provide best service under a reasonable cost in accordance with client's real needs and requirements as our promise.

Our patent professionals include senior patent attorneys and engineers in the field of chemical engineering, chemistry/biochemistry, mechanical engineering, electrical/electronics engineering, computer science, digital transmission, communication and information technology, etc. Our firm lays emphasis on the sustainable development of all the staff. Sincerity, devotion and commitment are advocated and pursued. In terms of specific foreign program, we cooperate with foreign experts, foreign agency or agents, to bring our contributions to the international communication and service.

Our management system is well organized in that the visibility of processes and the confidentiality of information are both secured. Efficiency and simplicity are approached by continuously streamline our procedures with a guarantee of timeliness and quality control.

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